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100 Days Consistent 
A new approach to achieving your goals

Imagine finally achieving that goal that's been lingering in the back of your mind for years.

100 Days Consistent is a  challenge that will help improve your consistency &

cultivate the mindset you need to increase success & achievement in your life

100 Days Consistent 

100 Days Consistent is designed to assist you on your path to achieving your goal. Whether your goal is to start a business, learn a new skill, get in shape, or anything else you've been dreaming of, I will teach you skills and provide you with resources to guide you towards success.

What would your life be like if you accomplished
all of the goals that you set for yourself?

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Be Your Own Coach

The Podcast

Join the 100 Days Consistent Challenge!


Grab your journal and tune in to the Be Your Own Coach podcast. Each week, I'll share self-coaching techniques for you to practice.


Start with episode #5 and continue through #18. Begin whenever it suits you and share your progress in the podcast comments.


Subscribe now and embark on your 100-day journey!


100 Days Consistent

The 100 Day Self-Coaching Challenge

Over 100 days, you'll commit to daily self-coaching exercises that will be introduced in the Be Your Own Coach podcast.  You will also choose one action to take consistently over the 100 Days, that will propel you toward achieving your goal. This Challenge is designed to help you rewire your brain for success! It will transform your mindset allowing you to thrive long after the challenge ends!

Challenge Start Date:

  • Start Date  |  May 11, 2024                      



Why It Works

You Will Be Your Own Coach

100 Days Consistent is so effective because of the 5-part coaching tool used, which has an impressive success rate.  Although you will select an action to take consistently for the challenge, your focus will go beyond your actions. 


You will concentrate on training your brain to cultivate resilience.  You'll also explore how your thoughts impact progress and will learn to align your thinking with your goals for greater follow-through and achievement.   


It's a proven formula that can revolutionize your life.

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