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Break the Cycle

of Setting & Not Accomplishing Goals

The Mindset Makeover program is a 15 week program, that offers 1:1 coaching sessions where you'll learn the secrets to keep going when the journey gets tough, and the motivation fades away.  With consistent use of the skills that you'll learn, you will achieve your desired outcomes and begin to create and live your Perfect 10 Life.  The Mindset Makeover program will teach you to:

#1  Shift limiting beliefs that hold you back

#2  Manage negative emotions & feel better more often

#3   Develop healthy habits that support your goals

#4  Use your character strengths to accomplish more

#5  Be your on coach & build your resilience 

Most of my clients begin to see results after just a few sessions, in some of the areas of  life listed below:

                       Career  |  Health  |  Finance  |  Relationships 

                  Social Life  |  Spiritual Life  |  Attitude  |  Family Life

The first step to creating your Perfect 10 Life, is taking time to identify the specifics of how you want your Perfect 10 Life to look. Schedule a FREE Discovery Call where I will guide you through an activity that will help you identify your specific Perfect 10 Life.  I'll also teach you a 5 part coaching model that you can use to help you break the cycle of setting & not accomplishing goals, so that you can create your Perfect 10 Life.  

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