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The Art of Accomplishing Goals

3 Part Video Series - Creative tools & techniquest to help you achieve your goals

Video #1 - Creating Your Goal Plan

Art of Accomplishing Goals Video Series

Video #1 will provide you with a detailed explanation of how to create the perfect plan to ensure that you achieve your goal.  The Goal Plan is designed to help you create a very detailed, organized and intentional plan for every goal that you want to accomplish.  It will also help you identify potential challenges that may arise and steps to overcome them.  It can also help you reduce feelings of worry, overwhelm and doubt as you work toward your goal.  Click the button below to access a printable copy of the Goal Plan template, and start using this tool today.

Video #2 - Brain Works

Art of Accomplishing Goals Video Series

Video #2 is titled Brain Works, because it’s focus is on bringing awareness to 2 specific parts of our brain, and how they impact us as we are working toward our goals.  There is one part of our brain that tries to persuade us to do things that will sabotage us and hinder our ability to achieve the goals.  You will learn more about it and will be provided with a self-coaching / thought management technique to help you move forward when that part of the brain tries to hold you back. 

Video #3 Self-Care Thoughts

Art of Accomplishing Goals Video Series

Video #3 is for those of you who tend to be hard on yourselves when you do not follow through, when you make a mistake, or when you experience failure.  You will be encouraged to generate thoughts that are more compassionate, non judgemental, and serving to you so that you are better able to move forward toward your goals instead of dwelling on your mistakes.  You will learn to do a Thought Cleanse and create Self-Care Thoughts to help you through challenges that may come up as you work toward achieving your goals. 

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