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The Mindset Makeover is an online program and your enrollment will last for 10 weeks.  Through this program you will learn self-coaching & thought management techniques and will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend 10 live online sessions weekly
  • Develop your self coaching skills
  • Connect with a small group of goal driven individuals
  • Have 2 1:1 coaching sessions with a certified Life Coach
  • Participate in group coaching sessions

The Mindset Makeover - Online Program

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  • The live online sessions will be held on Sunday evenings at 7pm eastern time.  The sessions will be 90 minutes in length so that there is plenty of time to check-in, connect with other participants and still have plenty of time for the training topic.   But don’t worry, the training portion of the sessions will be recorded so you can always watch a replay later if you are unable to attend.

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