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Use Positive Quotes to Change Your Life

Words can have such a powerful impact on us, mainly because of the meaning we give them and how we apply them to our lives. We have the power to choose what we believe and how we react to words that we hear, read and say. With that in mind, consider 4 simple steps that will aide you with using words/positive quotes as a tool to help you change your life.

Step #1 Take Baby Steps- Trying to transform your life into the life of your dreams can feel overwhelming and seem impossible to say the least. But if we focus on taking one small step at a time, you’ll be surprised at what you are able to accomplish. Instead of thinking of everything that you’d like to change about your life, select one area to focus on this week, month or year.

Step #2 Begin Your Search- Once you have selected the area of your life that you’d like to focus on, begin your search for the perfect positive quote that inspires you to take steps toward change in the specific area you’ve selected. As you may know, quotes can be found almost anywhere; on social media sites, in books, movies, magazines, songs, from our favorite public figures, etc. I suggest using Google to quickly find quotes that address specific topics. I also suggest, following pages such as DeAnn LifeCoach Day, that post positive quotes and other forms of inspiration so that you are constantly inspired as you check your social media sites.

Step #3 Make a Final Selection- As you narrow down your selection of Positive Quotes, try to select the one that speaks loudest and clearest to you. There is no need to spend time trying to figure out what the author meant when he/she wrote the quote. Instead spend time figuring out what you want to make it mean to you. Determine how it relates to your specific situation and if you feel inspired to take action when you see, hear and say the quote. Once you’ve found the best quote for you and the life area you are focusing on, you are ready to find ways to use it to help you take action.

Step #4 Take the Positive Quote Challenge - Now that you’ve selected the positive quote that best relates to what you want to work toward you should take about 15-20 minutes to think through, and write out the answers to the following questions:

  1. What area of my life am I focusing on?

  2. What quote am I using?

  3. What message is this quote sending to me?

  4. Why is it important that I improve in this area of my life?

  5. What are 2 small actions steps I can take toward this goal this week?

  6. How can I be proactive to ensure that I take the 2 small action steps?

  7. Who can be my accountability partner to ensure that I take the 2 actions steps?

Example: My Positive Quote Challenge

What area of your life are you focusing on?

Health / Healthy Eating & Weight Loss

What quote are you using?

“Successful people show up and get it done, even when they don’t feel like it.”

What message is this quote sending me?

It tells me that if I’m going to be successful in this area, I have to follow my plan to go to the gym, and stop eating out. I have to the work, especially when I don’t feel like it. Doing the work when I don’t feel like it is what counts the most. Giving in to my temptation to eat out and not go to the gym is what's keeping me from being successful.

Why is it important that I improve in this area of my life?

Strengthening my body, and becoming more fit will give me energy and other tools that I need to help me accomplish the goals that I’m pursuing. My physical health impacts all other areas of my life, so it’s important that I take better care of it.

What are 2 small action steps I can take toward this goal this week?

Prepare meals in advance so that I’m not tempted to eat fast food

Work out 3-4 times this week

Use My Fitness Pal to track calories and workouts

How can I be proactive to ensure that I take the small action steps?

Go to bed early so that I’m not to tiered to work out each morning

Prep meals on Sundays to ensure they are ready during the week

Set reminders to track progress on My Fitness Pal

Who can be my accountability partner to ensure that I take the 3 actions steps?

I will use a trusted friend and my Life Coach.

Need an accountability partner? - You can use me as your accountability partner by posting your positive quote & 2 action steps in the comments section. I will follow up with you after a week, by replying to your comment, to get input on how you did. You can also use the Free Coaching Calls that I offer as a form of accountability, and a way to go a little deeper in regards to steps you need take to get more of the results that you want in your life.

Your Comments are Welcome

  • Share the quote you plan to use & your 2 action steps in the comments below

  • Use the comments section to update me on your progress toward the action steps

  • I’d love to answer any questions you have in regards to this topic.

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