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Make Time

So often we complain about having so much to do, with not enough time to do it in. Or we become so focused on the fact that we never have time to do what we love and begin to feel frustrated. I’d like to challenge you to change your focus. Instead of focusing on the time you don’t have, try focusing on how to create more time in your day. If you focus on the 3 tips below you will be amazed at the amount of time you can create in each day.

#1 Avoid Indecision

Indecision is the inability to make a decision QUICKLY

We are often so afraid of making the wrong choice

that we waist so much time trying to make a simple decision.

I recently fell into the indecision trap while shopping for a trash can.

I had finally narrowed it down to 2 trash cans

then I kept re-reading the labels, texting pictures to get the opinions of others

and just stood there looking at the two similar looking trash cans.

20 minutes later I finally decided on the one I originally wanted.

I was in indecision with this and several other items I purchased in the store.

I wasted about 2 hours, and missed out on opportunities to do other things that day.

Trust yourself, and just make what you fell is the best decision.

Don’t second guess yourself afterwards.

Own your decision and move on.

This will save you so much time.

#2 Follow Your Plan

You can’t follow a plan that you don’t have.

So create one.

Be sure to assign dates and times to each task or activity you want to complete.

You should especially schedule times for social media, TV, hanging out

and any other activity you tend to indulge in.

Each thing you include on your plan should have a timeframe in which it can be completed

Honor you deadlines.

Sometimes we focus to much on trying to do something perfect

that we waste so much time redoing it

and never really feeling satisfied

We’ll spend 5 hours completing something

that could have been done in 2.

Social Media

I’m guilty of this one.

I’ll say I’m only going to stay on for 20 minutes to create posts

and see what’s going on.

An hour later I’m still scrolling.

Getting caught in the social media trap

can cost you several hours each day

#3 Condense It

Look for ways to work smarter & not harder

There may be opportunities to combine the tasks you need to complete.

For instance

Sometimes I may check my emails while I eat

Do research (listen to audio books) while I clean

Return phone calls while driving to appointments

and so on.

What are some ways you can condense

the tasks you need to complete?

It’s amazing how a small shift in focus

can create so much opportunity in your life.

If you’d like 1 on 1 support with shifting your focus so that you can create more time in your life to do the things you love click here to sign up for a complimentary Coaching Call. I’d love to hear from you!

Enjoy Life

DeAnn LifeCoach Day

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