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Love Your Life

As Americans

we tend to focus on what we don’t have

which deprives us of our ability to enjoy the things we do have.

But a shift in perspective can change everything.

It wasn’t until I began visiting developing countries that I realized that


how much we have to be thankful for and happy about.

I’ve connected with a number of people abroad

Who struggle to meet their basic needs

and seem to enjoy life

much more than the average American.


Because they CHOOSE to

focus on the things that they have

rather than focusing on what is lacking.

Simple things like:

Food (beans, rice & bread)

Running water (mostly cold, contaminated and only available certain times of day)

Friends & Family

Free Time



These are all things that seem to bring them true happiness.

Just like them, WE HAVE A CHOICE

to find happiness in the little things.

Although our lives aren’t filled with everything we’ve ever wished for

they are filled with things that we’re glad that we don’t have to live without.


to being thankful for things that we take for granted

so that we can reap the benefits of enjoying life more often.

Start shifting your focus

by paying more attention to

your answers to the following questions:

Who are you thankful for? How will you show them?

What are 3 things you take for granted? How will you start showing appreciation for them?

What are you most grateful for & how will you better enjoy it?

What’s something that you are glad that you don’t have to live without?

If you’d like 1 on 1 support with shifting your focus so that you can better enjoy life click here to sign up for a complimentary Discovery Call. I’d love to connect with you.

DeAnn LifeCoach Day

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