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Use Your "Why" to Get You Through

What if I told you that understanding the reason why you want to accomplish a goal is just as important as the work you must do to achieve it? Your “Why” is important because it’s one of the main things that keeps you moving forward when lack of motivation, procrastination and self-doubt set in. I have found that having a deep understanding of my “Why” and the skill of Silencing Your Inner Critic is a powerful combination that can be life changing.

To better understand your “Why” for a specific goal, I encourage you to answer the questions listed below. I recommend that you give yourself 5 minutes per question, to think of your answers. Requiring yourself to take a lot of time to come up with your answers will allow you to experience a deeper level of thinking. This deep level of thinking will provide you with a more meaningful “Why” that will have more of an impact when you’re tempted to give up. Consider the following questions as you work toward identifying your “Why.”

  1. Why is this goal so important to me?

  2. What will my life & the lives of my loved ones be like once I accomplish this goal?

  3. What will life be like for my loved ones and I if I don’t accomplish this goal?

  4. What sacrifices will I have to make? Why will it be worth all the sacrifices?

  5. What’s most exciting about achieving this goal?

After identifying your “Why,” you must learn to use it to your benefit. Use it to motivate you when you’re tempted by procrastination, filled with lack of motivation, have feelings of stress, and thoughts of doubt. In these moments it’s important to reflect on your “Why.” Use your mind to inspire you by recalling what your life will be like if you accomplish this goal, and how your loved ones will benefit. Focus on why it’s so important to you, and why it’s worth all of the sacrifices that you must endure to accomplish it. Use your “Why” to give you the strength you need to keep you moving forward, and to avoid giving in and giving up.

Our mind is a powerful tool and we must use it to help us achieve what we want in life, instead of allowing it to work against us. We must take control! Use your “Why” to help you gain that control.

Take the Challenge

  • Identify a goal that you’d like to work toward accomplishing

  • Answer the 5 questions above in regards to the goal you have identified

  • Use your “Why” to inspire you when lack of motivation, self-doubt and procrastination begin to set in


  • I’d love to hear from you. Use the comments below to ask questions or to share your goal and your “Why.”


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