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Show Up for Yourself

Identifying your goal and creating a plan that includes attainable actions steps means absolutely nothing if you don’t show up for yourself and do the work required to accomplish the goal. To “Show Up” means to arrive for an appointment or a gathering. To “Show Up for Yourself” is to arrive for an appointment or gathering and take actions that will help you reach a personal goal. We all struggle with showing up for ourselves consistently and as a result we fail to accomplish both our smallest personal goals and our grandest dreams. The sad thing is that many of us don’t show up for ourselves because we chose to waste time doing things that have no true value to our lives. Instead of showing up for ourselves we may choose to scroll through social media, watch TV, play video games, or anything else we can think of. I’m not saying that we should never do any of these things, but I am suggesting that we become more aware of how we spend your time, and devote more time and energy working toward our personal goals.

Showing Up for Yourself vs Showing Up for Others

I had a tendency to be more dedicated to others then to myself. For instance, I rarely miss work because I want to be there for my clients and coworkers if I’m needed. I never miss appointments with coaching clients, and always follow through if someone is depending on me to complete a task. They know that I can trusted to follow through on commitments I make to them. Unfortunately I wasn’t as committed to myself as I was to everyone else. I’d skip out on my scheduled time to work on my personal goals if any little thing came up, instead of being as dedicated to the appointment as I would be if it were with a client. Once I realized this unfortunate fact, I decided that this would no longer be my reality and that I am just as deserving of my own loyalty as my clients are. I vowed to start honoring all of my personal commitments just as I honor the commitments I make to the important people in my life.

Now I’m committed to showing up for myself in the same way that I show up for my friends family and clients. I’m also getting closer to accomplishing my life goals since showing up for myself more often. I understand that if I don’t show up for myself, I may never achieve those goals. Now, I trust myself to show up for myself the same way that my clients trust me to show up for them. Are you satisfied with the way you show up for yourself? Answering the questions below will help you determine how you can show up for yourself more often.

  • What do you typically do instead of showing up for yourself?

  • What changes can you make, or what can you sacrifice so that you are able to show up for yourself more often?

  • How can you show up for yourself with the same commitment that you have to showing up for work?

  • What actions will you take this week to show up for yourself in a way that is pleasing to you?

The Habit of Self Commitment

Finding time for yourself can sometimes seem impossible, especially if you already have a busy schedule. So start small. Instead of trying to figure out how you can take 3-4 hours each day to work toward accomplishing a huge goal, break the big task into small chunks and find 20 minutes in each day to work on it. Although 20 minutes is a small amount of time, it’s important that you fully commit to showing up and being fully productive during this time. If you do, it will help you build the habit of showing up for yourself regularly to focus on what is important to you. Over time, you will reap the benefits and will be proud of you accomplishments. You will also learn to trust yourself to show up and get things done. Eventually, you’ll be determined to find more time to commit to showing up for yourself so that you can get even more done. You may have to get up a little early, stay up later, give up TV or social media time, or take time out of your lunch break each day. Once you can trust yourself to show up and complete tasks, in the same way that you show up to work, or show up to support friends and family, you will become more dedicated to pursuing your personal goals.

  • What steps will you take to build more trust with yourself in regards to showing up to work toward personal goals?

  • How might this new found trust impact your life?

Take the Challenge

  • Answer the questions above to determine what you can do his week to begin showing up for yourself more often.

  • Schedule it in your calendar

  • Show up for yourself


Your comments are welcome in the space below.

  • Please share what you will sacrifice so that you can show up for yourself more often.

  • Also let me know what time of the day you plan to make time for yourself.

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