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Future Self: Imagination as a Guide to Success

Imagination is a powerful tool, and if used correctly it can help you transform your current life into the life that you’ve always dreamed of. It can guide you, advise you, and support you as you work toward achieving tasks that are most important to you. Future Self is the imagined version of yourself that can act as a consultant and lead you to the life of your dreams.

Our Future Self is the person that we want to become in the near and distant future. It has the character traits you desire, the career you will hold, values that will be important to you, the physical appearance you wish for and much more. I encourage you to consider a creative approach as you work toward living the life of your dreams.

Benefits to Knowing Your Future Self

There are great benefits to taking the time to identify and better understand your Future Self. One of my favorite benefits is the fun I experience while thinking of what I will be, do, and have in the future. Your Future Self can act as a navigation system as it advises you, and gives you suggestions on which path you should take to reach your final destination. It can advise you on how to respond to situations, suggest which actions to take, and provide support and encouragement when needed. Your Future Self is the perfect consultant for you because it gives you suggestions, support, and guidance from the perspective of the person that you are trying to become. Taking and acting on advice from that perspective is sure to lead you to meet and eventually become your Future Self, which is the ultimate goal.

How to Use Your Future Self for Your Benefit

Future Self can provide feelings of hope, excitement, joy and confidence if used correctly. As mentioned above, the ultimate goal is for you to become your Future Self. The idea is that your Future Self is already where you want to be, and knows how to get from where you are to where he/she is. Your Future Self will give you instruction from the perspective of the changed person you are trying to become, and his/her perspective is likely to be different from yours. Future Self will guide you down a path that will result in you and your Future Self meeting and becoming one. Listed below are just a few roles that your Future Self can play in your life:

Consultant - “a person who provides expert advice”

Ask your Future Self for advice on how to work through certain scenarios. What better person to get advice from then the person you are trying to become. If you are struggling with a certain situation or with completing a difficult task seeking advice from your Future Self is a good idea. This is not to say that your Future Self is going to know the answer to every single problem that may arise, but I’m sure it will be resourceful and be able to advise you on who/what to connect with to help you address the issue. But in many cases, you will be surprised to see that you Future Self actually does have the answer and can provide helpful suggestions.

Strategic Planner – person responsible for forming and implementing a strategy to achieve a goal

Ask your Future Self what action steps you should take to achieve a certain goal. The perspective your Future Self will provide may be similar to the Backward Planning approach. Backward Planning is to first choose a goal, and then choose actions that are most likely to help you arrive efficiently to your goal. For example, if you have a goal that you’d like to accomplish in 6 months you may focus on what all will have to be accomplished at 5 months in order to meet the 6 month deadline. Then consider what will need to be accomplished at 3 months, 2 months, and after the first 2 weeks of setting the goal. The perspective that your Future Self provides can assist you with coming up with the perfect strategic plan to achieve your goal.

Cheerleader – an enthusiastic and vocal supporter

Depend on your Future Self for words of support, encouragement, and to cheer you along your journey. Your Future Self knows of all the negative thoughts that run through your mind, all of the discouraging feelings you have, and all the challenges you face every step of the way. Your Future Self can use all of this information to help you push through the tough times. There is no one else who will be your biggest supporter, and no one who wants you to achieve your goals more than your Future Self. Allow your Future Self to give you the kind words you need to hear be inspired, the praise you need to celebrate your successes, and the support you need to keep you progressing. Your Future Self wants you to win more than anyone, so allow it to cheer you on every step of the way.

Create your Future Self

In order to begin experiencing the benefits that come from utilizing your Future Self you must first take time to create and visualize him/her. Take at least 10-15 minutes to answer the questions below about your Future Self:

  1. What’s Your Future-Self’s name? (A name that's not associated with who you are today)

  2. What stands out about your Future Self’s physical appearance and fashion style?

  3. In what geographic location does he/she live in?

  4. What occupation does he/she have?

  5. What are his/her favorite things to do?

  6. What are his/her most important values?

  7. What personality traits does he/she have?

Future Self Challenge

Answer the questions above to help you visualize your Future Self and do a daily check-in each day for a week to determine:

  1. What is your Future Self’s opinion about how you are progressing so far this week?

  2. What advice does you Future Self have for you as you start a new day?

  3. What action steps can you take today to get you closer to your Future Self?

  4. What did you do today that your Future Self is most proud of?

If you would like additional support with connecting with your Future Self, and moving forward toward accomplishing your life goals consider my Life Coaching services. My Free Coaching Calls, will help you move into action, and provide you with accountability and support.


  • I’d love to hear about your Future Self and how he/she has helped you.

  • I’m also curious about some of the names you’ve come up with for your Future Self.

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