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Create a Personal Mission Statement

There are many quotes, phrases and slogans that motivate and energize us, but there is nothing better then having a personal mission statements that speaks to us individually about our specific desires. I invite you to create a missions statement and reap the benefits of having one. A personal mission is an inspiring statement that reflects who you are and how you hope to live. It may include your most important values, and give hints as to what life goals you hope to achieve.

Benefits of Having a Personal Mission Statement

Your personal mission statement can act as a guide in helping you live a more intentional life to ensure that you reach all of your set goals. It provides a birds eye view of your personal goals, most important values and your life’s purpose all wrapped into one phrase. Reflecting on your goals, values and life’s purpose on a regular basis is empowering and will help you enhance your ability to stay focused and improve your:

  • Decision making skills – you will be more likely to make decisions that align with your mission statement.

  • Ability to stay on track – you will quickly be able to recognize if you are falling of track, and can redirect yourself so that you keep moving forward toward your goals.

  • Level of motivation – your mission statement can inspire you to keep moving forward, even when completing small tedious tasks. Reviewing your missions statement will reminded of the connection between the small task and the bigger goal.

How to Create a Personal Mission Statement

Answer the questions below to begin the process of creating your personal mission statement.

  • What are some of your past successes?

  • What are your top 3 values

  • What contributions have you made to your family, friends, community and the world? What theme/s do you notice?

Once you’ve answered the questions, review your answers for recurring themes, identify what stands out, and what’s most important to you. Try to summarize the recurring themes and ideals that are most important to into one statement.

My mission statement is to live an adventurous life while serving others in a way that helps them reach unexpected levels of success.

Challenge of the Week

  1. Create a personal mission statement for yourself

  2. Before making decisions, think of your mission statement, and determine if the decision you are making aligns with your mission statement

  3. At the end of each day reflect on your actions to determine how well they aligned with your mission, and identify improvements you’d like to make for the next day.

  4. At the end of the week, reflect on changes you noticed in yourself throughout the week.


I'd love to know your mission statement, please share it in the comments below.

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