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Be a Reflection of Your Values

Simply aligning our actions with our personal values can lead us toward living a life filled with what matters to us most. Values are beliefs that influence our life and act as motivators for the decisions we make. Core values are the things that matter to us most, and are the nonnegotiable characteristics that best describe who we are. Our values can be inherited or learned, and reflect our ideas. Our core values can help to keep us on track as we move forward toward our road to success.

Benefits & Aligning Values with Actions

There are a number of benefits to knowing our values including instilling respect, enhancing relationships and improving behaviors. Aligning our actions with our values and having a conscious awareness of our values can impact our behaviors which will effects the results that we have in our lives. For instance, one of my top 3 values is having a good relationship with God so I try to behave in ways that will improve that relationship. Some examples include praying, listening to gospel music, watching preachers speak, and connecting with others who have the same beliefs as I do. I also value having peace in my life which causes me to avoid dramatic situations and engage in activities that increase my ability to maintain inner peace.

Having an increased awareness of our values can help us in our decision making process. They will remind us of what is most important to us, and how we want to be remembered. I encourage you to use the Personal Values sheet below to identify your top 3 values.

Aligning Behaviors & Values Activity

After you have selected your top 3 values from the chart above, answer the following questions:

  1. Why are these 3 values so important to me?

  2. What commitment can I make this week that will reflect my dedication to at least 1 of my values?

  3. Which of my behaviors/actions currently reflect my values?

  4. What new behaviors can I adopt that will reflect my top 3 values?

  5. Which behavior do I need to stop doing so that my actions can align more with my values?

Personal Values Challenge

  1. Post your top 3 values in a place that you can see them daily

  2. Use the answers from the questions above as a guide for actions you should take this week

  3. Click here for a printable copy of the Personal Values Challenge

For 1:1 support with aligning your daily actions with your personal values sign up for my Complimentary Coaching Call offer (a $150 value).


List your top 3 values in the comments below. You may also list the actions you plan to take to align your behaviors with your values.

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