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Develop a Growth Mindset

Our mindsets play a crucial role in our ability to succeed and live the lives we desire. It’s been proven that people with a growth mindset are or more likely to enhance their skills and achieve goals then individuals who have a fixed mindset. Learn and apply the 6 ingredients to developing a growth mindset and live the life you know you are truly meant to live. Before diving into the 6 ingredients, we must understand the difference between a Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset.

Fixed Mindset – believes that you are born with a set amount of skills and intelligence and they cannot be increased. Some people are just naturally good at things, while others are not. They believe that you do not have control of your abilities.

Growth Mindset – believes that the amount of skills and intelligence you may have depend on the how hard you work to develop them. If a person is good at something, it’s because they took the time to develop that skill, and those who are not good at a particular thing are not good because they did not do the work to build the skills. They believe that you are in control of your abilities.

6 Ingredients to Developing a Growth Mindset

  1. Beliefs – believe that you skills can be developed and that you don’t have to be born with them. You have the ability to learn and grow

  2. Focus – focus on the process of getting better, and the work it takes to do so. Do not just focus on the outcomes.

  3. Effort – expect to put forth lots of effort as it is an important part of the learning process and leads to growth. Do not look at effort as something that people only have put forth because they are not skilled.

  4. Challenges – expect challenges and learn to embrace them and work through them. Do not back down from challenges or view them as threat that exposes your inabilities.

  5. Mistakes - View mistakes a learning opportunities and as clues to how you can do better next time. Embrace mistakes, do not avoid them or allow them to discourage you.

  6. Feedback – Appreciate feedback and use it to make improvements in the future. Feedback is helpful so do not get defensive or take it personal.

Growth Mindset Challenge

  • Complete the Develop a Growth Mindset form to help you take a growth mindset approach to completing/reflecting on an upcoming/previous task/situation that may be difficult or intimidating to you.

  • Use the answers to the questions on the form as you guide to facing and achieving the task.

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