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How to Have Fun on the Go

With all the stress that life tends to bring, it's important that we learn to balance our lives by adding a little fun. Fun is enjoyment, amusement or lighthearted pleasure, and adding a little fun to your life can reduce stress and increase your performance. The good thing about fun is that you can have it almost anywhere and at any time. Listed below are 12 ways to have fun on the go while living a super busy life.

#1 Listen to comedy

Laughter is one of the best ways to have fun. Youtube, Pandora, and many other online stations offer the option to listen to your favorite comedians. Choose humor to add a little fun to your life.

#2 Dance and/or sing like no one is watching

Taking a 60+ second dance break and energize yourself and those around you. Take a dance break at work at, in the car, in your home or wherever you please.

#3 Sing your best concert

Sing your favorite songs with all of your heart

#4 Connect with an old friend

Call them while in the car (between appointments, driving to/from work, during long drives) or plan in a video call.

#5 Learn a new joke

Share it to lighten up the mood

#6 Choose a word for the day

Smile, laugh, snap your fingers or do something silly every time you hear it.

#7 Wink at someone

Their reactions may be fun to watch

#8 Create & listen to your favorite playlist

Play it via automobile or headphones while running errands, completing projects, cleaning or anything else you can think of.

#9 Challenge a friend to a game

Some online games can be played throughout the day and is a great way to stay connected. Board or card games can be used at work while on break

#10 Perform a random act of kindness

Watching the reactions of individuals who are recipients of your kind actions is always fun. It will also give you a feeling of joy that will brighten your day.

#11 Set your ringtone to something silly

It’s always fun to watch the responses of others or think of the fun memories it may bring.

#12 Have a Hulu Hoop Contest

It's fun to watch and fun to participate in Hula Hoop contests. You'll enjoy the benefit of burning calories too.


Insert a little fun into your life each day using suggestions from the fun list above, or create your own. When facing a task, challenge or errand that you dread, ask yourself "How can I make this fun?" and then do it.

If you would like one on one support with identifying ways to add more fun and balance into your life, consider my Free Coaching Calls. For more info, and to schedule your Free Coaching Call click here.


  • Let me know how you inserted fun into your life, and how it impacted your day.

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