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Face Your Fears

FEAR is an unpleasant emotion caused by A BELIEF

But just because you believe something, doesn’t always mean it is true.

As children, for instance, many of us believed in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy

We thought they were real, but later found out that they do not exist.

As adults some of us have met beautiful people who believe they are ugly

or talented people who believe that they are unskilled.

But just because they believe those things, doesn’t make them true.

Similarly just because we have thoughts that cause us to feel fear,

dosen’t mean the things we fear will actually happen.

Fear is summoned within us by our thoughts

but if we control our thoughts we can better control our feelings of fear.

Imagine that

you are walking down the road to success,

headed toward your dream life.

You eventually come to a tunnel (the tunnel of fear)

You must walk through it in order to continue on your journey.

The tunnel is dark and foggy and instantly your fearful thoughts begin.

Those fearful thoughts say things like:

Don’t continue, it’s too dangerous

I won’t make it out alive

I may get kidnaped

I’ll get bitten by rats, stray dogs, or creepy crawlers

I may get robbed or attacked

After you scare yourself out of walking through the tunnel

you turn around and begin walking away, sacrificing your dreams.

But, just because you had those thoughts about what could happen in the tunnel,

doesn’t mean that they will actually happen.

Face your fears by having and acting on thoughts that reflect your determination:

Replace, Don’t continue, it’s too dangerous

with I’ve come to far to stop now

Replace , you won’t make it out alive

with other people have survived this… I can too.

Replace, I may get kidnapped

with I’m not giving up without a fight

Replace, I may get bitten by creepy crawlers

with I can handle whatever comes my way

Replace, I may get robbed or attacked

with I trust God to keep me safe.

I’m not suggesting that by thinking these thoughts you’ll magically stop feeling fear.

But I am suggesting that focusing more on your thoughts of determination

can reduce the intensity of your fear, and provide you with the drive you need to continue.

It doesn’t matter if you are timid and scared to death as you move forward,

the only thing that matters is that you keep moving forward.

As you walk through the tunnel you may notice that walking through the tunnel

did present some challenges for you, but none were as bad as you imagined.

You made it out alive and you are still traveling down the road to success & toward you dream life.

When you come to the next tunnel you’ll enter it a little less fearful.

The best way to overcome your fears, is to face them.

We may never be 100% fearless,

but the more we move forward through our fears

the easier it becomes.

If you’d like 1 on 1 support with facing your fears so that you can move forward toward living your dream life, click here to sign up for a complimentary Coaching Call.

Face Your Fears & Enjoy Life

DeAnn LifeCoach Day

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